Gruesome Deaths In Resident Evil 3: Original VS Remake ─ GameSpot Gameplay

Though it may not be the most disgusting or bloody entry in the franchise, Resident Evil 3 has some gruesome deaths, and that's true for the 2020 remake too. Sure, the Resident Evil 3 remake looks a lot prettier than the original 1999 game, but those enhanced visuals just mean that Capcom can provide even more horrifying detail when it comes to Jill getting eaten alive.

In the video above, we showcase all of Resident Evil 3's grisly death animations--both how they looked in 1999 and how they play out now in 2020. From your typical run-of-the-mill cannibalistic zombie to the rabid dogs, there's a lot in Resident Evil 3 that wants to take a bite out of Jill. It's not all bloody though. With all those exploding red barrels and exploding rockets, there are a few times that Jill just burns to death too.

If Resident Evil 3 is your introduction to Resident Evil, you may be wondering, "What's going on?"and we wouldn't blame you if you do--Resident Evil is a convoluted franchise with seven mainline entries and plenty of spin-offs that all contribute to an ever-evolving lore. If you're feeling lost, check out GameSpot's Resident Evil episode of Timeline, which offers a condensed overview of the entire storyline from Resident Evil 0 to Resident Evil VII.

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