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Vocals/lyrics & video concept ► Dan Avidan


A dark and moonless night
Has never felt so right
An empty mirror only shows what's left inside
Lost in the city street
Electric tapestry
The neon beckons me beyond its ghostly light

No longer I pretend
The staircase I descend
Will lead me anywhere but my unscripted end
My heart and hands collide
The gun lays at my side
Too late to turn back, only fate's left to decide

Magnum bullets
Settling a score
Magnum bullets
Kicking down the door

Back up the stairs again
I am a different man
A broken mirror only shows as best it can
Running in shoes that shine
With blood that isn't mine
A staining trophy of the battles I've survived

No longer I defend
The choices I pretend
Could make amends that heal the loss of precious time
My conscience paralyzed
Against the rising tide
Of haunting memories that drown a wasted life

Magnum bullets
Always wanting more
Magnum bullets
Closing every door

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