Eyes on Worlds: The Year of the LPL (2018 World Championship Finals) ─ League of Legends

The road to a World Championship title is never easy. For the LPL, that road has led them to back-to-back Worlds Finals losses in 2013 and 2014, followed by a three-year drought without a Finals appearance. Now, at Worlds 2018, the region finds itself back in the Finals once again, as the LPL's Invictus Gaming takes on EU LCS champions Fnatic in Incheon, South Korea. Led by Rookie, a Korean mid laner who left home to join the LPL four years ago, Invictus Gaming looks to crown the LPL's most dominant year ever with the title they have chased for so long: World Champions.

"RISE Remix feat. Bobby (λ°”λΉ„) of iKON" by Riot Games, The Glitch Mob, The Word Alive

"Run Away (feat. Anderson .Paak)" by DJ Soak

"Live Like Legends" by Ruelle

"Eyes on Worlds Theme (2018)" by Riot Games


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