S04 vs. SPY - Week 9 Day 1 | EU LCS Summer Split | FC Schalke 04 vs. Splyce (2018) ─ LoL Esports

VoD of FC Schalke 04 vs. Splyce
EU LCS Summer Split 2018 #EULCS

Casters: Drakos and Deficio
Analyst Studio: Sjokz, Foxdrop, Vedius and Medic
Interview: Laure Valée with VandeR

Full Line up:
FC Schalke 04 Line up:
• Vizicsacsi – Top Cho'Gath
• Amazing - Jungle Sejuani
• Nukeduck – Mid Vladimir
• Upset – ADC Ezreal
• VandeR – Support Alistar

Splyce Line up:
• Odoamne – Top Dr. Mundo
• Xerxe – Jungle Gragas
• Nisqy – Mid Yasuo
• Kobbe – ADC Varus
• kaSing – Support Braum

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