How To Deal With Haters: Compassion Wins Over Angry Troll (CoD WW2 Gameplay) ─ Drift0r

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A very angry hater / internet troll decided to try to disrupt my CoD WW2 live stream open lobby session. He wasted as much of my time as possible and had some very mean things to say. The hater was probably expecting to just get banned, but instead he got something that might help turn his life around: compassion. I decided to talk the time to talk to this confused young man, hear him out empathize with his frustrations, and offer him kindness. After a long talk, I think I was able to break through and help him see the world in a new and more positive light. I gotta admit though, I was so focused on talking to him, that I played Call of Duty: WWW2 very poorly.

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