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My Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor review needed a few extra days because this game is so massive! Fluid gameplay, amazing environments, and a great big shadow of war looming over Mordor.
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No other Lord of the Rings game has ever really caught my eye, because let's face it, previous LotR games were...clunky. But then came Shadow of Mordor, which introduced the Nemesis system. And now Middle Earth Shadow of War is here that improves upon everything it's predecessor has done. The gameplay, maps, and the voices are done so well! Seriously, listening to these characters talk is one of the highlights of the game. Whether its Orcs talking smack or one of the many notable voice actors, Shadow of Mordor draws you in.

Smooth gameplay is just one of the elements in this game that tie the dark world of Mordor together. Because this isn't a happy game. There's no good guys, just vengeance. And each Orc Warchief you decide to murder or convert is each so uniquely designed, it truly is charming.

Let me know what you thought of my Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor review in the comments below! Will you pick up Shadow of War?

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