Grand Theft Auto V for PC - Mod Showcase: Video Games Characters

● Jack Baker (RE 7) [Add-On Only] 0.8b by MAESTRE -
● Nathan Drake from Uncharted 3 v1.9 by MAESTRE & MikePhilips -
● Max Payne 1 [Add-On Ped] 1.0 by Meth0d -
● Hotline Miami's Jacket [Add-On Ped] 1.61 by Joe Gillian -
● Venom Snake [Add-On Ped / Replace] 1.5 by fungfung879 -

Recorded and edited by: Joe9411


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Week 9 day 2 highlights from the match-up between Unicorns of Love and Origen. Can Origen finally get their first series win or will Unicorns continue to keep their second place in their second place spot in the group?

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K-12 Shotgun In Depth:
Last week while I was playing Advanced Warfare for Throwback Thursday I got this crazy idea about game balancing levers. Well, it's not a unique idea to me but more like a development philosophy that I'd forgotten even applied to Call of Duty until recently. So I've got a multi-CoD commentary to explain why levers are important to game balance.
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Game Balance Levers (AW, IW, & MWR Gameplay Commentary) ─ Drift0r

BEST WEAPONS & ATTACHMENTS!! (Ghost Recon Wildlands) ─ Typical Gamer

We've got Bendy And The Ink Machine for this week's Fan Choice Friday!! It's got a couple of jump scares in it, but it's an amazing style of art!!

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Week 9 day 2 highlights from the match-up between ROCCAT and Misfits. ROCCAT have been on a winning streak after having an awful early split. Can they take a game off of second place Misfits?

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Mass Effect has been on my list because of friends and their encyclopedic knowledge of its universe. And with Mass Effect Andromeda out now, it's time I tackle this Mass Effect review. Bioware has delivered many impressive RPGs and huge worlds to explore, and it was only a matter of time until they made their own universe. The many races, socio-political problems, threats of Saren, Geth, and The Reapers create a fascinating world that feels alive. Great storytelling is the main pull of this game. Through similar dialogue options and still faces at times, you end up changing the course of their universe. I'm excited to give my Mass Effect review and see what it's gameplay has to offer.

Let me know your thoughts on the original Mass Effect game!

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We sat down with Senior Game Designer Ryan Shwayder to answer your Patch 7.2 content-related questions. Don't miss the Return of the Betrayer Patch 7.2: The Tomb of Sargeras Cinematic toward the end of the Q&A;!

Live Developer Q&A with Ryan Shwayder— March 23, 2017 ─ World of Warcraft